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Bruce Hare Patent Attorney

Bruce Hare: Patent Attorney & Founder of Genius Patent

Bruce Hare received a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and then worked as an engineer in the semi-conductor industry for 15 years before attaining his Juris Doctorate from the University of San Diego School of Law and going on to become a USPTO registered patent attorney.

As an inventor and patent attorney, Bruce has experience with a broad range of subject matter including electronics, circuit design, communication systems, software, mechanical components, medical treatments and protocols. Bruce is an avid cyclist, relishing every opportunity to explore the California coastline.

“My years of experience in manufacturing gave me insight into the processes and work flows that my clients are facing. I was able to develop a unique set of skills that involved taking ideas from conceptual design to a physical design to a physical object, then through the process of testing and refining products and processes to achieve the best results possible. That understanding of the entire process allows me to think through patent related issues and offer additional value to clients. In order to optimize manufacturing processes I created new software, which involved writing a lot of code and designing both machine and software interfaces. So, when clients come to me wanting to patent products, processes, software, even medical treatments and protocols those are fields where I have a lot of experience. That experience allows me to quickly understand both the big picture and the minute details of the concept and create a patent application that accurately describes the invention in a way that is formatted appropriately for a patent filing.”

Ray Powers Administrative Coordinator

Ray Powers: Administrative Coordinator

Ray Powers received a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Western Washington University.

Ray has experience in customer service and staff management.

“My greatest strength is my clear vision and purpose.”